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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Enjoying my Hectic week..

Last two week adalah sgt sgt funn!company ade organize games for two weeks..ala-ala kejohanan olahraga tahunan zmn sekolah..ada 5 rumah sukan which is ferrari(red),merc(yellow),renault(green),bmw(blue),and lotus(black)..opening happening dgn warcry competition during staff engagement session kt auditorium then startlah game everyday after office hours n weekend..there was 19 games for this year which is golf,badminton,fishing,volleyball (men +ladies), netball, pool, carrom,futsal,hoki,pingpong,pentaque,tennis,basketball,sepak takraw,bowling,chess,dart n da last one is telematch..never thought i'll feel the same way during da boarding school dlu..gaduh2 who will win, training smpai lebam and jd pasukan sorak smpai hilang suara..hihi..

Weekend during the games carnival jugak ade company family day..saje je pg sbb still dlm mood enjoy hanging out with colleagues..theme for dinner ni ialah cowboy but i prepare nothing for that nite..hihi..last minutes decision..i do enjoy the magician performance..jambu punye just so-so for me..ini komen org xsuke tgk maharaja lawak..lucky draw prizes adalah sgt mnarik n banyak but being me mmg dh expect slalu x lucky if ade lucky draw.. :-)

P/s: xsabar tgu weekend ni..odiey is coming ade tman mkn,shopping,gosip n jalan2 enjoying
Miri mcm zaman intern for 4days!yeahh!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My birthday 2012

Its been long time i didnt write anything here..sometime rase nk quit dh blogging tp bile bukak blk blog ni..trase nk share n save my memories here..back to the topic, thun ni i never expect to get any suprise bday celebration pun..yelah, bru lg kt miri ni n bru nk lain pulak jdinye..kat office mcm biase dpt wish2 n a present from senior baik hati..hee..lunch pun kakak2 senior blanje kt secret..thanks kak alya n kak saleha!..hee..

Malam bday as usual tdo first before tdo mokte aka intan ade kol ajk mkn esok ptg, but being me yg tibe2 lurus bendul xterpk ape2 trus je ckp xdpt sbb ade training netball..n aida pun msg bday ckp bru teringt sbb thk plat kete..dh 10 pm plus2, time to sleep lahkn..since duk miri mmg i sleep too early..xde ape nk buat..bru je nk lelap, hosmet ketuk pintu ckp ade org tutup pipe air kt dpn..dgn muke cuak yg mamai2 plus mmg pernh ade case cmtu terus je nk aan si hosmet yg serba slh suruh pakai lengkap xbg pakai bju tido je..xke pelik?hee..skali jenguk kt lua dorg berdiri ramai2 lua pagar rumah..hee..segan n speechless..mmg suprise yg menjd sbb x expect langsung..bru nk sentap ngan dorg especially pijat yg jmpe buat xtau je..huhu..thanks mokte,aan,aida,alep,garrie n pijat for da suprisee!! Every year bley jugak predict ade org nk wat suprise tp thun ni mmg xde hint langsung!thanks n thanks n thanks koranggg :-)

Thanks to my family and friends yg wish xkisah la face to face, sms, kol or through fb..

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Wishlists

I ending 2011 with a conclusion entry and i start up first day in 2012 also with one entry to mark down what i want to have for this 2012 wishlist perhaps..heee.. it just to remind me and make sure i put 100% effort to achieve it!I know after all i want to be a great person, great muslim, great daughter, great employee, and a great friend..Somehow, i must list down what actually i want to have, to give, and to aim for the whole year.

1. Bring my parent to Miri. I really want them to be my passenger and see how i live here. So that they will not worry bout me again. :-)
2. Having a smartphone and gadget i aiming from last year..haha.
3. Discipline with my saving plan and manage my financial intelligently..gituu!haha..takdelah, at least i got a saving especially to make wishlist #5 accomplishkan?
4. Bercuti-cuti with my closest friends. Korang kalo korea tak dapat, tolonglah at least Sipadan or Singapore..haha..Fatihah, play ur roles pliz.
5.Buy a piece of land at my hometown. I am not so confident to achieve this one but i'll try hard. Cause if it became reality, i can already set that in 2013 i wanna build a nice house on that land!hihi
6. I hope i can help and give back something to my family, relatives, friends and community.
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7. Lastly, if talking about jodoh..i didn't put any hope since i think its still early for me and i got lots of responsibility i need to fulfill and more dream to accomplish. just go with the flow and let time to decide sesuatu yg pelik bile call ayah smlm borak on what i and he feel on the 2011 achievement and our 2012 aim..he is joking to me about having last son in law..wahahah..not yet ayah!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Meaningful 2011

Suddenly i'm thinking of writing up what have i achieved in 2011. There will be few more hours to the end of year 2011 and i think i can have a smile drew on my face when thinking back that there are huge changes in my life. I've achieved almost all what i dream to have for this year. Syukur Ya Allah for granted my wishes.

My kick start for 2011 is not that great when i'm waiting more than six month at home. But, in positive side, i learnt a lot from this. Patience and always believe in Allah is the key point. During this moment, i were deeply in stress especially when seeing there is a hope in my parent eyes. Even though, they did not say it to me and always motivated me, i know it well. For the first 3 month, i didn't feel that bad because i enjoy preparing for my sis engagement and wedding..hihi..being a wedding planner konon2nya and do a lots of DIY thingy make me feel time flies so fast. thanks ayah yg same2 buat pelamin gune buluh, psg mentol lampu sume and my sis yg really put a trust on me..mane nak cari pengantin yg bg orang takde basic make up ni make up..hihi

In April, i got twice surprise birthday celebration from my beloved sisters and friends. The sad part is i didnt write it here..berkurun je dlm draft..takpe la, upload in this entry je la..Next year mcm takkn dpt lagi je suprise mcm ni :-(

In early August, my life started to change when I got a letter that i've been waiting for..Nothing else that i can say when seeing the big smile on my parents face.I know they did not stop praying for my success and rezeki even once Happy tears roll on my face. Allah granted my doa. !Thanks to my friends an  relatives also for praying and supporting me. During kenduri doa slamat, one of my uncle did said yg muka berseri2 mcm ade orang msuk meminang..hihi..i wonder how my face look like a few month before.heee
Mid August or 16 August to be exact, i started my job and life in Miri. Being far from my family is not something new for me but when starting a new life with a new people surrounding make me feel quit tough. But now, i'm enjoying being here..making new friends and trying to love my job...wahahaha.Oh!, this year jugak raya di perantauan yg tak brape jauh ni for the second time. Hope it will be the last time.hihi..i wanna cherish my parents every chances i have!
I also attended my convocation in October.Haa, bru prasan ni satu lg dlm draft tak update2..haihh..lazy me! Lucky that i got a job before convocation. that i can spend and buy something to my parents as a preparation for my convo. i think i have post this wishes on my blog early of this year. Im so happy cause they enjoying my big day. a day before sempat bwk dorang shopping at jaya jusco and greentown mall and i also have a chance to bring them eating the great food that enjoy during my study times. Thanks to Odiey's family too for letting us sleep in their house and big big thanks to my sis and abg norman sanggup turun dr Johor just to attend my convo and celebrating me.
On 20.11.2011, another wish have been granted. I never expected this would be so fast but Alhamdulillah, Allah permudahkan segalanya. I hope next year gonna be great like this also. I want to be a great daughter and great muslim as well!. Amin..


Enough said: Rinduuuu..

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