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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Enjoying my Hectic week..

Last two week adalah sgt sgt funn!company ade organize games for two weeks..ala-ala kejohanan olahraga tahunan zmn sekolah..ada 5 rumah sukan which is ferrari(red),merc(yellow),renault(green),bmw(blue),and lotus(black)..opening happening dgn warcry competition during staff engagement session kt auditorium then startlah game everyday after office hours n weekend..there was 19 games for this year which is golf,badminton,fishing,volleyball (men +ladies), netball, pool, carrom,futsal,hoki,pingpong,pentaque,tennis,basketball,sepak takraw,bowling,chess,dart n da last one is telematch..never thought i'll feel the same way during da boarding school dlu..gaduh2 who will win, training smpai lebam and jd pasukan sorak smpai hilang suara..hihi..

Weekend during the games carnival jugak ade company family day..saje je pg sbb still dlm mood enjoy hanging out with colleagues..theme for dinner ni ialah cowboy but i prepare nothing for that nite..hihi..last minutes decision..i do enjoy the magician performance..jambu punye just so-so for me..ini komen org xsuke tgk maharaja lawak..lucky draw prizes adalah sgt mnarik n banyak but being me mmg dh expect slalu x lucky if ade lucky draw.. :-)

P/s: xsabar tgu weekend ni..odiey is coming ade tman mkn,shopping,gosip n jalan2 enjoying
Miri mcm zaman intern for 4days!yeahh!


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